Eatery & Espresso


Here at Caffeine we offer a wide range of catering options. For a customized quote and more options please feel free to contact us.

Bakery Platter $26.99

  • A selection of twenty assorted freshly baked danishes, muffins & scones

Croissant sandwich platter: $37.50

  • Ten assorted croissant sandwiches. Serves 8-10

Croissant Platter: $17.70

  • Ten freshly baked croissants served with butter and jam. Serves 8-10

Large Vegetable Platter and Dip: $22.99

  • A delicious assortment of fresh seasonal vegetable & delicious hummus dip with roasted onion & sweet pepper on top. Serves 8- 10

Large Fruit Platter: $22.99

  • A delicious assortment of fresh seasonal fruit. Serves 8-10

Assorted Sandwiches: Ten or less//Eleven or more $6.75 //  $6.50

  • A selection of sandwiches made from scratch

Large Salad:  Serves 7-8( Serving utensils are available upon request) $25.99

  • Add grilled chicken breast $8.99


Coffee Carafe: $23.99

  • Our freshly brewed coffee. Served with milk, cream and sugar on the side and 12 X 8 oz cups.

** Please inquire a quote for delivery charge